1. You are so, so strong for getting through all of this. It’s a lot to deal with at once, as well as dealing with yourself. My year has taken a similar turn with the death of my grandfather a few weeks ago, and now the impending death of my grandmother from similar circumstances to your own.

    It’s times like these that we really are introduced to how strong we can really be. You may not have known it before, you might not even know it now, but you are a champion for getting through all this without self-harming!

    Sending you all my love, and I want you to know that I am just a message away should you need me.

  2. Gosh what an awful week, just one thing after another! Well done for pushing through all this and keep your head high. I’ve been in an awful dark place, but with determination and support you can get better❤️

  3. I am so proud of you! Being able to work through this crisis using your skills is awesome! And trust me it just get easier and more natural! I remember being in DBT group and them telling us how we just need to remember one or two tools. And I’ll tell you what! I use them daily now and don’t even realize it!!
    Losing a loved one, especially a grandparent is always hard. It amazing she got meet Ronan, I bet that was something she was waiting for. Know that she was at peace and she lived a long good life 🙂

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